Sandvik is what you could call a "cultural masochist"; No matter how awful a movie is, you can be sure he will sit it through. According to himself, the reason is that "if I don't, the peice of crap will win," and most of what is featured here is indeed crap. But as the saying goes, if you kiss a hell of a lot of frogs, you'll eventually find one that turns out to be a kick-ass DVD or action figure. And when the miracle happens, you can be sure it will be covered at this site.


Oterhals is not only the former webhost, but also the technical advisor of this site. This means she spends hours designing framesets, guestbooks and css documents, and then Per Arne grabs them and makes a run for it. This is probably the reason why she insists on terrorizing the guestbook by posting nonsensical messages. Gunhild doesn't share Per Arne's enthusiasm for cultural miscarriages, but has suffered many an art film, and pretty much knows what obscurity is all about.