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It's been a while since the last time this page was updated. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this: After days of writing about Bible related games with conflicting storylines, historical inaccuracies (and forgeries), physical impossibilities and karaoke, I remember going into a condition known as CrossDogmatical Conflict Confusion Syndrome (CDCS).

This condition has up to now only been registered within the Vatican, where theology professors with access to religious material not featured in the Bible have spent years trying to figure out how everything fits together. CDCS is a condition related to Trying the Hell to Figure out the DC Universe Syndrome (THFDCUS). Seen those people writhing in spasms outside comic book conventions? Yup.

Because of CDCS, I have no recollection of the last two weeks, but my friends claim to have seen me walking around as an apocalyptic street preacher.

After taking a shower and getting a much-needed shave, I wisely decided to lay off the religious Nintendo games for a while. Apparently, during my two-week blackout, I have also tried carrying a badger and two cows at once, travelled to Italy to save a rabbit from the Roman Empire, nearly killed an old lady for trying to keep me out of Sunday school, and thrown grapes at animals in the petting zoo. Needless to say, my psyche is not the only part of me that has been battered. So, the main priority in the nearest future will not be game articles, but probably movie reviews.

Per Arne Sandvik, webmaster