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It's been a while since the last update. This is the reason why:

Hiding from The Man

The webmaster (yours truly) and the webhost were recently thrown out from their bed-sitters because of renovation plans, and the last week at the old premises was mainly spent hiding from the devil landlady who kept lurking in the hallways. Webhost Gunhild had been brushing feathers with her for some time, and I had myself not bothered washing my bathroom in a long time, so it could safely be considered an understatement to say we were not very eager to run into the old bat. After living with our parents for a while we found new lodgings in the middle of Little Mexico, Molde, Norway. For those of you who aren't all that familiar with European geography, let me embellish:

Norway is a small and cold little country just left of Sweden. It's shaped like an electric guitar after a Mötley Crüe concert, and the population is fond of whale killing and seal clubbing. Despite what you might think, there are no polar bears in Norway. Molde is a town on the west coast. Its population counts 23,000 and it's the town of soccer players, soccer-crazed multi-millionares and soccer-crazed prime ministers. Little Mexico is the local ghetto, consisting of three buildings and an Irani kebab place. We have no internet access.

To make matters worse, I have lately also suffered from creative dryness and mild angst. I tried updating my page the other day, but that very night I had a nightmare where I dreamt I woke up in a naked Mr. T's embrace, so I decided to put the page on hold for a couple of days before attempting to tempt fate again. There. Now we can get back on track.

Did you know that the voice of Shredder in fact was that of Uncle Phil himself, James Avery? Now you do!

Sorry. After writing about movies for a while, I have decided to jump between categories in the updates of the near future. Among the new articles and features are a long piece about stupid merchandise and memories of the arcane animated series Les Mondes Engloutis and the graphic novel Signal to Noise. I have discovered that writing about stupidity is very bad for your mental health, so this time two of the articles feature obscurica that actually are good. This is a trend that may or may not continue. Stay tuned.

Per Arne Sandvik, webmaster