EDITORIAL AS OF MAY 19 May 19 2002

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First of all, let me share something with you:

Jesus Christ, I just wanted to close explorer.exe when it went on one of its hourly field walks, no need to spew out apocalyptical prophecies and predictions of undesired results. Thar yonder lies the place of my father. Oh well, on with the editorial. Sorry if the image spooked you, but I assume everyone is immune to hoax warnings from all those pop-ups and banners. Phony bastards.

Big changes coming up:

First of all, the site is completely redesigned. I had been making small alterations to the old design for a long time, and I found myself swamped in awkward menus and inaccessible navigation systems. Plus, if you opened anything in a new browser window, everything looked like it was put together by a sloppy mandrill using an html editor programmed by a ten years old blind kid in a hurry. I hope you'll find the new layout more appealing.

Secondly, the articles will be longer and more uniform in shape. When I look back at older entries, some of them are hardly a paragraph long and without any direction, which really makes me cringe. At the time, I was aiming for an alphabetical list of small synopsises and presentations that could inform the public about the existence of strange items, but now I see how this could bore the average visitor. Plus, there's no real need for an alphabetized list when there's no way you'll be able to come here and find what you're looking for.

Thirdly, I just remembered that I bought a Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon VHS over ten years ago. In one of the episodes, Wendy Koopa kidnapped Milli Vanilli to make them stage a private concert for her. When they refused, she morphed them into football hooligans, but Mario saved them from a fate worse than public exposure. The thing is, I bought this VHS in Denmark, which means everyone was talking Danish (King Koopa is called King Gunpowder in Denmark, by the way). My question is: Did Milli Vanilli provide their own voices on original audio track, or was what I heard Danish people pretending to be the guys who pretended to be Milli Vanilli? I fear I will never find out.

Furtermore, I just got a haircut. It won't affect the site in any other way than when I draw myself into an article I'll be sans the ponytail, but I thought I'd mention it.

Before I let you try out the new categorization system, I need to share something with you. For a long time, I have wondered where Limahl is today. You might remember his hit "Neverending Story", in fact it probably still is grinding around in your head to this very day. Just check this out:

Never-ending stohoryyyyyy...   aha-haaa aha-haaa aha-haaaaa...

There! Now you'll have that song in the back of your head all week. It's that addictive. How can a man who's written the single most catchy song of all time just disappear? And where would he dissapear to? I'll tell you where!

He hangs out in the Norwegian Big Brother building! Let me alaborate: A couple of days ago, I was having dinner at my parents' house when my father asked me to come into the living room. He had been flipping around and had stumbled over a BB live channel. He knows my obsession with forgotten 80s lore, and wondered if I knew who that English guy was. Imagine my surprise, Limahl was jumping around in the BB house, dancing to the Norwegian 80s hit "Forelska i lærer'n"! So there you have it, today Limahs is travelling around the world, making a quick buck wherever he can. Mystery solved. Next up: Vanilla Ice.

Per Arne Sandvik, webmaster