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Due to the new format, I am no longer constrained to isolate my personal ravings in a designated section, so I no longer have need for editorials. Instead, I can put torrents of words and other general entries smack inbetween the others. And trust me, I will.

Lately, all I've written is a piece about ninjas, and time will tell whether that one will be uploaded. The reason? It's completely incoherent and utterly stupid. Some days ago, I received a package containing pounds of Swamp Thing cartoons and two full seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and my recent descent from fanboy heaven, a paradise where the words 'diurnal rhythm' have never been spoken, has left me unable to form sentences with distinct beginnings and endings. Or cut them off when I should. Anyway, two days of Buffy has been bliss, especially for my live-in girlfriend, who has the hots for every single major male character, including Giles.

Concerning the site: I recently downloaded close to a thousand Nintendo and Sega ROMs, so expect a whole lot of game reviews. Most of the terrible games released in the US never made their way to my part of the world, so it's safe to say I'm blown away by many of the titles. Don't worry, I'll try to dig up some gems as well. A man cannot live on crap alone.

Morte importantly, after a long time of server jumping and space constraints, I have finally come around to buy the domain www.encyclopedia-obscura.com. So in the future, expect higher efficiency and heavier downloads.

Lastly, I have a request to make. Seen any good movies that you can't ass your friends to come around and watch? Found an old game that breaks all boundaries? Visited any sites that defy logic? E-mail me and let me know, and I might check it out and write about it.