Q: What is the EO?
A: The EO is a site devoted to lesser known contributions to our (pop) culture.

Q: Examples?
A: Various arthaus films, websites restricted to a narrow and original subject, toys that are long out of production, Swedish music... The sky is the limit, really.

Q: What are these contributions called?
A: I have decided to call them obscurica, sl obscuricon.

Q: What separates these from "normal" cultural items?
A: Frankly, most of them stink. But every once in a while, you strike gold.


Q: Who is the staff?
A: This site is created by Per Arne Sandvik with assistance from Gunhild Otherhals. For more information, please read the Contact section.

Q: Which programs are used to create this site?
A: Notepad and Paint Shop Pro.

Q: Who's that hamster, and what does he do?
A: That's Phil. He hangs around.


Q: Can I get my site linked to?
A: Write an e-mail to the webmaster. If your site fits within the limits of the EO, we'll link to it with a 88*33px button.

Q: How do I link to the EO?
A: Thus:

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If we in any way have infringed any copyrights or intellectual property guidelines, please let us know before you sue us. Thank you.