This is a Zig. It can be moved for great justice.
The chances you've heard the phrase "All you base are belong to us" are great. While a large number of individuals know the origin, the number of uninitiated is considerably higher, and I suspect many people scratch their heads in confusion every time the phrase occurs in somebody's message board signature. If you fall into the latter group, today you'll get it all sorted out.

First, let me give a summary of the phenomenon. This small sample of the Engrish language has spread like crabs in Taiwan, mainly because of sites like this one. There are also sites devoted exclusively to the phrase. For some reason, "All your base..." (aka AYBABTU) is highly contageous and addictive, especially when sung to well-known melodies. More about that later.

So, what is AYBABTU? The explanation is pretty simple: In the mid-90s, the game Zero Wing was released on the SEGA Megadrive platform. This game was just another Gradius clone, and would probably soon be forgotten if it wasn't for the horrible English translation in the intro sequence. For your entertainment, I've converted this very intro into a comic.