WOLFENSTEIN 3D Jan 19 2002

Platform: SNES
Developer: id Software

Disclaimer: This is not the PC version of the game, but the Super Nintendo conversion. Well, in a way, it is the 'PC' version, id had to tone the game down several notches to be political correct enough for the Nintendo format.

For instance, you can't walk around shooting dogs. And there can be no mention of historical wars or naming of anyone involved in them (Hitler = 'Staatmeister'). And if anyone bleeds at all in a Nintendo game, be sure the blood is anything but red. You know what, just take a look for yourself.

Who needs dogs when you can have man-sized Nazi rats? "Novon vill recogneisse me wissout my trademarck mustashe!" Swastikas are so last year! Minimalism to the max!

If a game where Hitler is the end boss wasn't a sure sign of moral decay to begin with, then this conversion certainly is. Just let it roll across your tongue: "A politically correct conversion of a game dealing with the greatest tragedy of the last century." Tastes funny, doesn't it?

Hmm... Well, it could be one of those blue nazis, but it could also be anything else. Cyber-Hitl... Sorry, Staatmeister in action