Victoria Abril
Sophie Artur
JoŽl Barbouth
Jackie Berger
Philippe Brigaud

Arkadian Wiseman
Directed by Michel Gauthier

Sometimes, I enjoy placing my cell phone in the middle of the table, activate my ringing tone of choice, and watch my company freeze. That's what the theme from Les Mondes Engloutis does to people; It runs to the back of your brain, yanks at all neurons even remotely connected to the long term memory center, and leaves you paralyzed. Everyone around my age remembers something about this show, but not enough to place the information into any context. This is the lament of my generation.

Why the frustration? Well, first of all, the show kicked ass. We don't know how, we don't know why, but we know it was the single most amazing thing ever created. And we all have the feeling that if we could just see one episode of LME again, our lives would make sense. This is the reason why we really shouldn't see any of it ever again, as it probably would turn out to be a French pile of croc. But in our memories, this show was GOD.

To frustrate us further, this show is now available in its entirety on DVD, but only in French. Searching for information on various obscure subjects, I usually have to plow through pages in languages I have no knowlege of. Now, I usually am able to comprehend written French. Hell, I've managed to make sense of articles in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Icelandic and Faroese, and I practically eat German for breakfast and lunch. But spoken French is crazy talk in my ears, and of all the people I know, the only one who's able to understand a word of it is my ex. Oh well, burned bridges are burned bridges.

Back to the subject: LME was (as far as I am able to scrape information together) about the lost world of Arkadia. After a great cataclysm, this world sank beneath the sea, and the citizens had to rely on the sun Saggy for light and energy. Now Saggy is fading, and the children of Arkadia create a messenger to seek help from the outside world. This messenger, Arkana, meets the children Bob and Rebecca, the wanderer Spartacus, two magical aardvarks by names Bic and Bac and the sentient ship ShagShag. If I got any names wrong, you know why.

On their journey, the group meets all kinds of characters, but the only ones I remember are some pirate punks and an old guy with a jew's harp. Not sure about the old guy, though. He might have been from an old episode of Masters of the Universe. And oh, there was killer whale. I think. My god, I have to watch this show again!

My problem is that I hate dubbing, so I'm not interested in watching this show in any language I know. If anyone against all reason should have an episode in RealVideo, subtitled in Norwegian or English, please send me an e-mail as soon as possible, and I'll reply with my immortal soul attached.
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